Sauna Cabin

Sauna Cabin

A sauna is a great feature to add to your home as it can be enjoyed by everyone, all year round.

Garden Sauna

Garden Sauna

As expert sauna designer and installers we can design your facility to suit your requirements as well as your garden size.

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Garden Sauna

Thank you for visiting our Garden Sauna page. Saunas are a great way to relax at home, so why not read on to see what we can offer you?

We design and install saunas for homes that are looking to add an extra feature to their property. A sauna can be used by anyone, of any age and are commonly found in a garden or in a gym.


We provide a range of sizes of saunas so that even in a small garden, you will be able to enjoy what it has to offer. As experts we only provide the highest quality products and can install the garden sauna to your standards. 

When it comes to installing an outside pod in your own garden, it may be tricky to know how to start and what company is going to be the best.

This is exactly why our team are here to assist you all the way - simply tell us what you want along with what you hope to accomplish.

Get in touch with us today if you would like to find out more information and talk to one of our experts. Simply fill out the contact form above and a member of our team will get back to you shortly. 

Sauna Cabin

A sauna cabin is a retreat room near me which aims to relax and de-stress individuals from their busy lives. The room is commonly a timber structure which has volcanic rocks within which you sprinkle water on, creating the heat and the steam which can then help relax you.

This structure is great for homes that are interested in adding a new, exciting feature to their home. 

There are many available options when it comes to internal and external designs. You can choose from many different windows and doors, roof types, floors and wall decorating.

We've got many different designs with regards to electrical components and water systems inside the building. If you would like to have a bathroom in the design, this could also be integrated to help make the studio much more effective for the user.


Steam Room and Sauna

The garden sauna usually stays clean on its own due to the water and steam. However it is best to occasionally clean your sauna to ensure that there are not toxins or chemicals. As we tend to sweat in there, it is best to maintain the cleanliness. 

Whatever size of outdoor sauna you are searching for, we can install it. Adapted to your specific preferences, the bespoke nature and flexibility we provide makes certain that the outdoor room is designed just how you'd like it.

This will depend on how much you have got to spend and what kind of space you are wanting to assemble. We will supply expert suggestions to make certain that the studio looks wonderful and functions precisely how you want it to. 

Be sure to let us know just how much you're approximately looking to pay, and we'll advise you on where would be best to position the studio room in your surrounding area, and also help with developing the overall layout.

To ensure the installation work is as stress free as possible, we'll take important info including site access. One of our experts will collect complete measurements and explain the full specification and set up strategy to you.

Sauna Room

When building your nearby sauna you will need to think about your health and safety and find what could work best for you. Within a sauna you will need three vents which will need to placed above the heater, at the top of the building and one at the bottom.

This will allow the air to circulate and stay safe whilst at home. You will not always need planning permission on the garden saunas as they usually fit within the allowed size of an outbuilding.

As experts we can help you throughout this process and give you all the advice you need. We work to meet all the health and safety requirements to ensure that you are safe at all times. Contact us today to find out more and talk to one of our experts!

An expert project manager takes care of each assignment to ensure that you're pleased with it all. After consultation with yourself, he or she can develop a plan of work for the garden sauna construction.

We'll continually keep you informed regarding each and every phase of the process so you know precisely what is going on and give you closest to all the details. The entire installation will be designed by the project manager to make sure everything works smoothly and is as easy as possible for yourself.


How to Install a Sauna Near Me

We are experts when it comes to the installing and building a garden sauna facility, so it is always best to get a professional in to carry out the job. To create the outdoor sauna pod follow these steps;

  1. Decide the size and dimensions of the facility and mark where it will go
  2. Build the basic structure
  3. Add the sauna kits including the volcanic rocks
  4. Maintain the sauna to keep it clean and in good condition

We have years of experience designing and installing quality garden saunas that are suitable for all homes. We only use the best quality timber and resources to produce the luxury garden facility that can be enjoyed all year round. 

We're extremely proud of this diverse product range for outdoor studios. When using the newest features, we can supply our customers with the up to date items.

We think that the parts which can't be seen will be as important as ones that can, and for this reason, we will not cut corners around the quality or finish of the specifications at any part during the building project.

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