Outdoor Offices

Outdoor Offices

For individuals who work from home, a home office will be a great feature that can give you the extra space you require.

Garden Office Specialists

Garden Office Specialists

Having an outdoor studio office installed to your home can give you a stylish, unique space to work all year round.

Office Studios

Office Studios

Whatever the size of your garden is, we are able to design you a garden shed that suits your home and needs.

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Garden Offices

Welcome to our Garden Offices page. Are you looking for a quiet place to get on with your work at home? Our outdoor offices are perfect for you.

Garden offices are great for homes that are looking for a stylish extra space that can be used at all times. Whether you work from home or just need a space for important business, the outdoor offices may be a great feature for you.


If you do not have the room within your home for a workspace you may struggle to concentrate which can leave you unproductive. We produce a quality structure that can be tailored to suit you and the area size of your garden.

As experts, we can work closely with you to find exactly what you are looking for and offer you our advice on what would work best for your needs.

Simply get in touch with us today to find out more information and speak to one of our experts. Fill out the contact form above and we will get back to you shortly. 

Garden Office Pod

A garden office pod allows an individual or team to work in an area that is within the home whilst still being in a separate facility.

The outdoor pod can make you feel as though you're in a working environment which can lead to a more productive outcome. Not only are you able to produce an added functional working space, but you also create a stylish feature that could be enjoyed all year round.

Some homes near me do not have the room or the ability to have an extension carried out, which may leave you unable to have a successful home business.

This is why garden offices would be the perfect option for anyone who is looking to expand their living space in a stylish, practical way.

Contact us today if you'd like to find out more information regarding what could work best for you and all the great benefits that come with having a garden office closest to you.

Just fill in the contact form above and we will be in touch as soon as we can.


Outdoor Home Office

For individuals who work from home, you may not realise the negative impacts you face if you're not in a professional working environment.

When in a home office you can easily be distracted by your family or household jobs and items which can impact the performance and success of your business.

We recommend building an outdoor garden office that provides you with a professional working environment whilst only being a few steps away from your home.

As expert installers and designers, we are able to find the office that is perfect for your home and has exactly what you require. All our garden offices can come with electrical wiring installed as well as double glazed windows to keep you warm all year round.

There are a range of styles you can choose from which can all be tailored to suit your needs and area size. Our experts can give you all the details you need to contact us to find out more regarding the garden offices. 

Home Office Costs Near Me

Many local homes would love an outdoor office in their garden or surrounding area, but may not always get the opportunity to have one installed.

You may think that building a whole new facility can be very expensive which is something you may not be able to afford however, depending on what you want, they may be installed in every nearby home.

The price for the whole installation of the outdoor building can vary depending on multiple factors. The main factor impacting the price is the size of the building you would like.

Obviously, if you are after a large garden pod that provides more room, the cost will be higher than a small office. Another factor which could influence the cost of a home office is the features you would like to add.

We could electrically wire your garden offices which may be essential whilst you are working however this will increase the price.

Another added feature is the double glazed windows that you may have installed which will greatly benefit you, especially in the winter months.

There are other features that you can have installed which will impact the price but to find out more about this speak with our experts today. 

It's best if you've got a budget in mind before you speak to one of our experts so we may stay closest to your budget throughout the process.


Having a garden office is often a cheaper option than having an extension built on your home as we do not always need planning permission when installing the pods.

This is also a better option for you if you're travelling to an office every day as you could save money on rent and travel. These home garden offices are great for any business of any size, so get in touch today if you are interested in building your own garden studio.

Our experts will discuss our prices with you once they find out exactly what you want and need. 

Garden Office Shed 

No matter the size of your garden, we could adapt or buildings to suit you. Many homes may think that they cant have a new outdoor building in their garden if they only have limited room.

However, we vary each of our buildings and can tailor each of the designs to perfectly suit you. As we have years of experience installing and creating these unique outdoor pods, we can give you our expert knowledge to help ensure that you get everything you want.

We understand the best locations to place the pods and the best dimensions that would suit you. Send us your measurements and requests through the enquiry form above and we will be back in touch shortly to discuss how we can work well with you. 

Other Outdoor Buildings We Offer

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If a garden office is something you would be interested in for your home get in touch with us today.

We will be able to guide you through the design and installation process and give you all the details you need to create the perfect home office for you.

Speak to one of our experts today for more information and a find out how they can benefit you. Simply fill in the enquiry form above and we will get back to you as soon as we can. 



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