Children's Play Room

Children's Play Room

Outdoor playrooms can be a great place for kids to enjoy their free time and play with their toys and their friends.

Playroom Pods

Playroom Pods

The playroom pods allows a child to have a space where they can play and use their imagination without taking up space within the home and making a mess.

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Children's Playroom 

Welcome to our Children's playroom page. Here you can see the outdoor buildings we can install to create a fun place for your little ones to play.

Having an outdoor children's playroom can be a great way to create a fun and imaginative place for your children to enjoy.


Many homes in the UK do not have enough space that can be used by kids to play with their toys or friends, which could lead to a disruptive household.

You may not have enough storage within your home to hold all the games and items your children collect, leading to a potentially messy house for the rest of your family.

An outdoor playroom may be a great way to give your children the space they need and provide them with an enjoyable area that can be utilised all year round.  

In most cases, creating a garden room or outbuilding is a huge task , and you will only get a single opportunity to choose the best contractor.

We provide a range of design and construction services for these particular features, plus they could be completely personalised to match exactly what you want.

Get in touch with us today if you would like to find out how we can provide you with the outdoor room you desire and give you all the details you will need. Simply fill in the contact form above and we will be back in touch as soon as possible. 

Outdoor Play Rooms 

Having an outdoor children's playroom will allow both yourself and your child to enjoy your free time with the extra space we may supply you [POSTCODE]

We are very happy with our unique product selection for outdoor garden rooms. Being at the forefront of development assures we can use the latest components and cutting-edge construction approaches to deliver a top of the line end result.

The overall appearance of your nearby outdoor children's playroom is one thing we think about, but we'll also make sure that all of the interior parts and mechanisms are set up to a high standard as well.

Depending on the budget you've specified, we will suggest the best layout and positioning for the outdoor children's playroom in your back garden and how items such as electricals may be set up.

To make certain that the installation process is as stress free as it can be, we’ll take vital information such as access to site. We can get photos, put together measurements and advise you on the the product's technical specs and what you can expect during the work.

We have a large amount of experience designing and installing outdoor children's playrooms so we understand the best way to provide you with exactly what you want.

As a leading outdoor studio company in your surrounding area, we know how to create bespoke, high quality designs that will last you a very long time.

Get in touch today to speak to one of our experts who will be happy to give you more information and advice to create an outdoor play room that will be perfect for you. 


Children's Playroom Ideas

There are lots of diverse designs to choose from that can meet your needs when you are designing your outdoor children's playroom. You will find the option to precisely tailor-make the outdoor garden room for you so that it matches its main objective.

You might also extend the dimensions to fit everything you need, or make the dimensions smaller to reduce expenses.

We know that every child has different interests and hobbies so we are able to design the children's playroom exactly how you like and will be able to enjoy both alone and with others.

If you've got particular measurements in mind, we will plan the work to fit this. Your own outdoor children's play room may be built in a variety of flexible styles.

This usually depends on your price range and also the all round specifications of the studio. Our local company can provide you with many different ideas to help you produce the best appearance and performance for your studio.

If you have an particular ideas in mind, or would like to find more inspiration, talk to one of our experts today. We can provide you with more information and details that will give you an idea of what a children's play room entails.

Just fill out the contact form above and we'll be back in touch as soon as possible. 


Playroom Pods Near Me

The playroom pods are a great feature to add to every household for any child of any age. The pods are easily adaptable and changeable for when the kids grow up and so are a great long term investment.

It is best to have a budget in mind before designing your playroom pods as we'll know the spending limit to stay closest to. 

Each project will have a dedicated project manager providing just one contact point. After a detailed assessment, we’ll think of a schedule for the installation project which fits with what exactly you need.

You'll always be continually updated about the development and advised of adjustments that might occur. The project manager takes care of the site construction team and runs the work from beginning to end.

When considering the appearance of your outdoor playroom both the exterior and interior may be created with your requirements in view. When deciding on your entrance doors, glazed windows, walls and floors, you can expect a number of possibilities, so you can tailor-make the look.

Any kind of power or piping features will also be produced and incorporated for the best functionality. If you want to include a bathroom in the specification, this may additionally be integrated to make the garden studio more productive for the user.

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