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BBQ Huts

Are you looking for a fantastic way to host an outdoor barbecue in the months to come? The weather's always destined to get better towards the middle of the year. 

We can ensure any time of the year is the perfect time to start thinking about inviting a few friends and family members over for a BBQ or two. Have you ever thought about setting up your own barbecue hut before?


A barbeque hut might be just what you're looking for to really bring your outdoor taste sensations to your friends and family.

But what exactly is it a BBQ hut? Is it a glorified garden room? Is it a different style to general garden huts and spaces you might otherwise find online?

Let's take a closer look at what BBQ huts actually are, and why buying one for your garden might help you provide the best open cooking experiences to the people in your life you appreciate the most.

BBQ Huts for Sale

What is a BBQ cabin? All the clues are right there in the name!

Just as you might have a summer house or decking area in your garden to host parties in, or where you might want to sit back with other people and relax on a warm and sunny day, a garden hut built for a BBQ is an ideal choice if you are likely to be hosting plenty of barbecue evenings over the summer nights to come.

However, the best BBQ huts will help you to make these evenings even more special for you and your guests.

You'll be able to take your parties from out in the open into a safe grill space, fully ventilated and built in leading timber. Inside, there will be comfortable benches, plenty of elbow room, double glazed panes and more besides.

Crucially, you'll also have the space to cook your food and use a leading BBQ to get those tasty bits of meat and veg served up in no time at all.

Many people look for grill huts and BBQ huts in a variety of style options. Not only are they great focal points for your garden, they are great for making sure that you keep your barbecues inside one tidy cabin.

You might have a cabin or shed for your tools - why not your BBQ and entertaining, too?


Grill Cabin

A grill cabin or grill hut is a great idea if you are likely to get into the spirit of the BBQ season. But why else might a BBQ log cabin help to provide you with the best summer cooking experience?

Let's take a closer look.

  • You'll be able to set up your own unique garden room to cook in. Rather than having to squeeze your grill and BBQ into a tight corner of the lawn or patio, you can now simply usher your favourite people into your timber style cabin for a meal to remember.
  • The best BBQ cabin or cabins designs are truly magnificent. No two are ever the same. If you want to opt for a stylish, modern barbecue hut, or prefer a more classical slant for your garden, the choice is yours.
  • A BBQ hut will help to keep people fed and entertained even when the classic British summer starts to seep in. Therefore, while rain might normally cause BBQs to get shut down for the weekend, you can take cover in an all-purpose garden room and keep those delicious meals cooking over nicely inside.
  • It's not like being inside at all - an open-plan cabin or garden BBQ hut will likely help to bring the best of the outdoor and indoor into one neat package. This is going to appeal to grill fans and BBQ enthusiasts alike.

Of course, the best BBQ hut designs are those which are super-spacious as well as extremely well-vented.

BBQ rooms and garden huts in a leading style will offer just as much provision for leg and elbow room as it will for clear ventilation and protection.

BBQ Cabin

If you've never thought about buying a BBQ cabin before, now might be the time to make a change.

You might just have been looking for unique grill options, or ways for you to provide a real difference to your guests looking for a great BBQ or outdoor cooking experience.

In any case, the best BBQ huts and BBQ hut designs will really help to tie your garden together in style.

Here are a few more reasons why investing in grill cabins or grill cabin installations might be right up your street.

  • You want to add serious value to your home and garden. Don't just throw a grill and a few idle benches around the lawn! Create a unique BBQ cabin and space for people to sit and enjoy themselves in.
  • Cabins will help to show your loved ones that you are serious about providing an all-out grill experience. Serious about your BBQs? Stand out from the crowd in the best way with comfortable, spacious benches, modern grill functions and a great timber-style look that will leave a brilliant impression.
  • Use your outdoor cabin for a variety of purposes, too. With double glazing and modern connectivity, you might even use your BBQ cabin in the colder months, too. BBQ huts make for great hideaway spaces and brilliant garden nooks, regardless of the grill you have in place and the benches you set up.

Therefore, a new garden cabin might just be more versatile than you initially give it credit for. And why not, indeed!

BBQ Cabins Prices

The price of a bespoke BBQ or grill cabin may vary depending on your needs and wants.

For example, you may find that the size of your product by the end result can impact on what you pay. We aim to offer our customers complete clarity on their cabin projects from the very start of the process.

Therefore, instead of relying on flat rates and the potential for increasing fees along the way, you can rely on our clear pricing structure and friendly clarity on everything you'll need from your ideal BBQ cabin or hut.

From the type of doors you wish to install to the windows, roof and range of products you'd like to install inside your cabin, there are going to be a few factors that change the price you pay in the long run.

Make sure to speak to our team as soon as you can to learn more about the price you pay when you buy - from quality finishing to delivery and installation.


Planning Permission

Depending on the size and dimensions of your ideal BBQ hut or cabin, you may find that you need to apply for planning permission.

This is easy enough to manage - however, don't worry if you are unsure of what to do. We will let you know of the standard process every time you consult with us - part of our service is all about making sure we go that extra mile for you.

Therefore, we will soon let you know in the first instance whether or not the shape or size of your BBQ hut extension is likely to need planning permission for years to come.

We will even be happy to visit your garden on a consultation and will let you know more about what you can expect from your eventual design.

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