Garden Annexe

Garden Annexe

An annexe is a a separate accommodation away from your home that can be used for your family, friends and guests.

Granny Annexe

Granny Annexe

We can design your annex to suit your garden and your needs as we offer a range of sizes and styles to suit everyone.

Specialist Annex Designers

Specialist Annex Designers

As experts in bespoke garden outbuildings we can design a building that is perfect for you and has all the necessary features you need.

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Garden Annexe

Thanks for visiting our Garden Annexe page. Here you can see a range of ideas that we can incorporate into your outdoor studio.

A garden annex is very popular due to the extra room that it can provide. Having an annex can be great for nearby homes that want to expand their living space or require more room for guests.


There are a range of styles of annexes that we have to offer, including both single and double storey buildings which can be perfect for your every need.

We can provide you with the information you need to ensure that you can find what you are looking for and give you our advice on what would work best for you in your surrounding area.

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What is an Annexe?

A garden annex is a separate accommodation, away from the main household, often used for guests and visitors.

Many houses in the UK use a granny annex as extra space that can accommodate elder family members as well as for those who come to visit them.

As outdoor building specialists, we can help you create a space that will expand your current living situation and give the added space you require.

A garden annex comes usually with one bedroom, small kitchen, bathroom and seating area and is placed within the garden nearby the main home. 

A variety of internal and external features may be added with the general specification, based on what you'd like to build. You could pick between a number of doors and windows, roof covering designs, flooring and wall décor.

Any electric or plumbing features will also be developed and integrated for the best efficiency. Bathroom amenities could be incorporated with the outdoor garden studio design to allow maximum comfort and efficiency.

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Granny Annex Near Me

These garden studios are commonly called granny annexes due to them being built to look after your elderly relatives. Some people choose to take care of their parents but still want to keep their lives separate.

An annex is a great option as it still gives all the facilities you need in a home, but is located on the premises of the house. We are extremely pleased with our diverse product selection for external garden studios.

With all the newest technical specifications, we can provide each customer with the up to date solutions and products. It’s essential for the area to look great, but our specialists consistently make certain that the construction and fine details won't be compromised.

We can help you with the process of design as we know what works best and what may be suitable for each individual. 

We offer both one story and two storey granny annex and can provide any facility you need including a kitchen, bathroom, bedroom and seating area.

One must always choose the best contractor if you want to install an outside garden studio at your home. That is why we're here to guide you all the way - simply tell us what you're looking for and what you wish to achieve.

Cost of Building a Granny Annexe

When you have decided on what outdoor garden studio you are after, you will then need to decide upon a budget. Its best to be aware of how much you are wanting to spend so we know the spending limit that we need to stay closest to. 

Make sure to let us know just how much you're ideally planning to pay, and we will give some guidance on exactly where would be best to install the room, as well as assist with making the layout.

To ensure the building project is as simple as it can be, we will get the vital info such as access to site. We'll take photos, outline measurements and explain the facility's specifications and what you might anticipate throughout the build.

There are a range of factors which can influence the price of building a granny annex. The main factor will be the size of the outdoor garden studio. If you are wanting a two storey, large property built, this will obviously have a higher cost compared to a smaller granny annex.

Another way the costs will be impacted is when you decide on what features you'd like to add. If you go for all the rooms such as a kitchen, bathroom etc... the cost will be increased.

Depending on what you're wanting to use the property for will impact the price you will spend. For an accurate price of the granny annex in your surrounding area contact out team today. 


Annex Experts

As we are experts of installing and designing a granny annex, we know what will work best and create the highest quality garden studios [POSTCODE]

We have years of experience and knowledge to create the annexes just how you expect. Whichever size of outdoor room you want, we are able to install it.

Customised to your own specific preferences, the unique flexibility that we provide helps to ensure that your garden studio is created exactly how you'd like it. This can depend on your price range as well as the overall specification of the building.

We will be able to provide specialist suggestions to make sure that the garden room looks fantastic and functions just how you need it to. You will work with an expert team at every stage, with an expert project manager to guide the build.

A detailed work plan will be developed after a consultation with yourself. You'll be kept up to date regarding any adjustments that might be required to the overall plan.

The project manager organises the site construction staff and oversees the process from beginning to end.

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Please fill out the enquiry form above with your details and what you'd like and a member of our expert team will get back to you shortly. As we have years of experience we know what works well and the best way to carry out the work successfully. 

Our professionals can guide you through the design and construction work to ensure the final result is exactly what you were looking for.

Our company can offer amazing value prices for these buildings no matter what type of garden studio you would like.



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